frequently asked questions

How does your refill system work?

From the surface sprays to the washing up liquids, every ready to use elmkind cleaning product has it's own 500ml concentrated refill bottle. Once your original ready to use bottle is empty, measure out 100ml of the concentrate and 400ml of water and pour these into the empty bottle, replace the spray/lid and shake well for around 30 seconds and you're good to go. *Top tips | Add the water first and then the concentrate as this will reduce the foam in the bottle | Use purified water where possible for best results. Purified water can be achieved by boiling a kettle and allowing the water to cool |

Why don't you sell 'ready to use' refills?

We decided to only sell concentrated refills and not large quantities of ready mixed product for many reasons, here are a few of them: - Reduces carbon emmisions as less product is required to be shipped around - Value for money. It saves the consumer money as you do not need to pay for overpriced water when you can add the water part yourself from your home tap - Less packaging is required. We can fit 5x 500ml bottles of ready to use product in just the one 500ml bottle of concentrate!

Why has my spray head stopped working?

Sometimes the spray heads can get airlocked, and can stop spraying, if this has happened to you then consider us your spray head paramedics and we are going to talk you through spray head CPR! Please follow the steps below: 1. Remove the spray head and double check there is nothing blocking the inlet tube at the bottom, or if you can see anything in the pipe (it is a clear tube so any blockage would be visible from viewing this from the side) 2. While the spray head is removed from the bottle, make sure the nozzle selector is set to spray or jet function. Angle the spray head into a sink or bowl and action the trigger 20-40 times to clear any excess fluid in the chamber. 3. Fill your sink or bowl with fresh cold water from your tap and fully submerge the whole spray head (including head and tube) 4. Set the nozzle selector on the spray head to either the spray or jet position and make sure you angle the spray head into a sink or bowl safely away from your eyes. Action the trigger 20-40 times while the inlet pipe and spray head is fully submerged underwater. (This is to prime the spray mechanism and will hopefully clear any airlocks and liquid should start to flow through) 5. If you have still not had any liquid flowing through your spray head repeat step 4, 2-4 more times. If the above hasn't worked then try submerging the inlet tube only and place your finger firmly over the nozzle (we are attempting to stop the flow of water here to build pressure in the mechanism). Then action the trigger 20-40 times while the inlet pipe ONLY in underwater and your finger is firmly over the nozzle. If all of the above has failed to revive your poor injured spray head, then please get in touch and provide us with your feedback and we can certainly assist further.

How can I stop my toilet cleaner coming out so quickly?

We have sourced 100% stainless steel pourers that pair perfectly with our toilet cleaner. You can reduce the speed of the flow on these pourers by placing your finger over the small breather hole on the side of the pourer.

Why do you sell your products in aluminium bottles?

We decided to use aluminium bottles for our products for many reasons, such as: - Aluminium is lightweight, strong and infinitely recyclable - Aluminium is widely recylable, meaning you can easily recycle it in your curbside recycling - 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in circulation today - Aluminium is lighter than glass so produces less CO2 essmissions when shipped around - Aluminium is durable and made to last

Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes! Founders of elmkind are both vegan so it was extremely important that from the very start of the elmkind journey, everything from ingredients in the products, to the inks that print the business cards and flyers, must be 100% vegan and cruelty free!

Why do you use organic ingredients in your products?

We decided to use only organic ingredients in our products where available, as we wanted to produce the very best, highest quality products that are truly ethical. It didn't seem right to us to be producing 'eco friendly' products and at the same time choosing to use essential oils and other ingredience that aren't organic in the making of them. The ingredience may be still be natural but if they're not organic then it means harmful chemicals could be used in the growing process, such as; pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified organisms. We did not want to be a part of this, adding unnecessary toxic chemicals into the ground, we see this as being part of the problem!

Do you use palm oil in any of your products?

Nope! We are proud to say that every single ingredient we use has been thoroughly researched to make sure that there is no hidden palm oil in a single one of our products. It's a no from us.

Are your products tested on animals?

Hell no! Products being tested on animals is something we strongly disagree with and will not support in any way, which is why we only buy ingredience that have not been tested on animals and also only work with crulety free suppliers whos ethics fall inline with our own.

Why don't you sell laundry liquid?

We are only a small company and at present we have huge plans for the future with lots of products on our list to produce! Laundry liquid is something we are working on and will release as soon as it is ready and perfect!

How can I recycle my products?

We have done extensive research into the packaging and materials we use to make sure they are as sustainable and kind to the planet as they could posibly be, which is why all of our packaging is either at home compostable (sugar starch chips, 5ltr jerrycan labels), curbside recyclable (aluminium bottles, all plastic spray heads, all delivery packaging, 5ltr jerrycans) or even better reusable (everything!), as reusing and repurposing is the best posible option for the environment!

How much do you charge for delivery?

We offer free delivery to orders over £30! For orders under £30 we charge £3 for delivery.

When will I receive my products?

We aim to dispatch orders within 1-2 working days. You will be notified when your order has been dispatched. The estimated delivery time is 1-5 working days from purchase.

Why do you use plastic spray heads?

We have put a lot of time and effort into trying to find an alternative to the plastic spray head. Sadly, the technology and resources just aren't there yet and plastic spray heads are required at least for now. However, with that in mind we searched high and low to find the most sustainable plastic spray heads that we could find. Here's what makes ours so special: - Our spray heads are all plastic and don't contain metal spring swhich means they're actually recyclable. Most mixed spray heads even if labelled a recyclable plastic, cannot be recycled due to the metal spring, as it is too time costly to remove the spring so most of the time they end up in landfil. - Our spray heads are made of white plastic which means they are at the start of the recycling chain and can be made back into any other colours. Avoid black plastic in any products as these can't be picked up on the scanners and end up straight in landfil even if advertised as recyclable! - It's built to last! Our spray heads are a mature product on the market meaning they are truly tried and tested to last a long time. If you ever have any issues with them spraying please check out our troubleshooting guide as it could be an airlock!