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we are proud to be 'green'

So if you've made it this far, then you should have noticed by now our products are a little bit different to the normal cleaning products you might pick up from your local supermarket shelf. 

Below we have listed the materials we use within our products & packaging, their green credentials and how you can dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way, because all our products and packing are either Biodegradable, Reusable and/or Recyclable!

We have a strict zero tolerance policy on single use materials :)

P.s If you don't want to recycle your products at home check out our Elmkind Recycling plan and how you can get FREE & discounted products!!

We love Aluminium!

We've ditched the conventional 'plastic bottle' and opted in favour of a more sustainable, reusable and stylish Aluminium one instead! 

We adore aluminium for a whole range of reasons, the top ones being that it is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be and should always be recycled again and again to continue making new products out of the same already used material.. Unlike plastic which has a limited number of times it can be recycled before it ends up starting to breakdown into smaller micro-plastics that end up in landfill or worse, in our seas :'(

Aluminium is lighter and yet more durable than Glass, meaning not only should it last longer in your home, but its lightweight properties, means it costs less to transport and causes less Co2 emissions.

With Aluminium being sturdy our bottles are designed to last, and last, and last! That paired with our aluminium concentrated refill bottles, you can simply refill and reuse until your heart's content! More refilling & reusing = less wastage and less cost for you in the long run, whilst doing your bit for the environment, can I get a 'Hell Yeah?!'

We also went for the 'no label' approach on our bottles and opted for a direct print instead, this means less materials are used, you don't have to separate your bottles from your (most likely non-recyclable) plastic sticky label and you've got to admit they look pretty damn great as well?!

All spray bottles and concentrated refill bottles can be Recycled with ease from the comfort of your own home or for money off your next bottle check out

our recycling plan.