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    Toilet Cleaner Ready To Use 500ml

    elmkind Peppermint Toilet Cleaner gives an almighty peppermint freshness to your loo, an enjoyable way to keep your toilet clean and your bathroom fresh.

    Simply pour a little toilet cleaner onto your toilet brush or alternatively, purchase with a 100% stanless steel resuable pourer for convenient application. Give your toilet bowl a quick brush with frequent dips in the water to activate the plant cleaning power and let the bubbles do their thing!

    "Tip me up and pour me in, my peppermint scents will lure you in. Let me work for a minute or two, then brush me off and flush the loo."

    * Pro Tip: If you have purchased a pourer with your toilet cleaner you can control the flow rate at which your cleaner pours by using your finger to cover the breather tube (small hole) on the pourer at various pressures. The more you cover the hole the slower your toilet cleaner will pour - Now that's precision cleaning! *

    Toilet Cleaner Refill Concentrate 500ml


    1x Refill Bottle will make up 5x 500ml elmkind Peppermint Toilet Cleaning bottles.

    That is the power of 2.5 litres of ready to use product when diluted with water in a small 500ml bottle that fits neatly on your shelf or under your sink.

    That equates to £3 a refill !


    elmkind's Peppermint Toilet Cleaner - Refill Concentrate is made with natural organic ingredients and uses only organic essentials oils for its scent.  All ingredients are clearly labelled so you'll never find any hidden nasties!

    Simply measure out and pour 100ml of this concentrate into your empty aluminium Toilet Cleaner Bottle and fill the rest with 400ml of water (preferably purified water for best results) and screw the cap back on... obvs :). Then get your shake on for 5 seconds and you're ready to spread the peppermint freshness all over again!

    Peppermint Toilet Cleaner

    • All of our Cleaners are fully Biodegradable and our Aluminium Bottles, caps & pourers are 100% Recyclable - But why not fill them up again with our Aluminium Refill bottles and do your bit for the environment as well as save some cash?!




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