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Our bottles are made for life but mechanically moving parts can wear over time. Not everything lasts forever and we appreciate that.

If you're a trigger happy sprayer (and we are!!!!) and you have found your spray trigger has reached the end of its life. Fear not! No need to buy a whole new bottle and have unnecessary materials! Just purchase a replacment spray trigger, pop it on your bottle and recycle your old one. Easy as that! 

Replacement SprayTrigger


100% plastic & fully kerbside recyclable safe.

Our trigger heads are a made up of a 100% plastic construction which means no metal springs unlike other conventional spray heads so there is no need to separate before recycling. This means you can just unscrew and pop this in your kerbside recycling and thats it! Now that’s easy!

We decided to go for a white trigger heads instead of black to make sure the lasers in recycling plants can see them and they don’t get missed and sent for incineration or worse landfill. (Black plastic requires special laser technology to capture them as black plastic absorbs light). The other reason we chose white spray trigger is that the colour white is at the beginning of the recyclability colour chain and can be made into any other colour. 

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