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elmkind Zesty Sweet Orange Bundle - If you love smell of freshly peeled oranges, you won't want to miss this fruity, super saving deal!

What is included in this juicy bundle?


Kitchen Cleaner - Ready To Use Spray 500ml

elmkind's Sweet Orange Kitchen Cleaner, your kitchen's new best friend! Tackling the greasiest of food stains whilst remaining gentle on your surfaces and leaving the room fresh and clean.

1x Washing Up Liquid - Ready To Use 500ml

elmkind Sweet Orange Washing Up Liquid tackles the greasiest of dishes leaving them sparkling clean, whilst also being kind to your hands and sensual to the nose.

Our ready to use Sweet Orange Washing Up Liquid is so concentrated you only need to add a small splash to your washing up bowl to release the plant power and let the bubbles do their work.

We have different closure options available from pumps to pourers depending on application preferance for your washing up liquid.

Recomended number of pumps per products use is 3/4.


* Pro Tip: If you have purchased a pourer with your Washing Up Liquid or Toilet Cleaner you can reduce the flow rate at which your cleaner pours if desired by using a pair of pliers to pinch the breather tube slightly on the pourer (small pipe tail coming out the bottom of the pourer). The more you pinch the the pipe the slower your cleaner will pour - Now that's precision cleaning! *(Please note: This is not a reversable change. If you pinch the pipe too much you will need to cut off a section and try again).

Zesty Sweet Orange Bundle