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elmkind natural plant-based Glass cleaner in luxurious white and stylishly designed aluminium bottle

our repurposing plan

So the aim of the game is that you use & refill your aluminium bottles over and over again in a perfect partnership of refilling and reusing, but what happens when you reach the end of your concentrated refill bottles I hear you ask?! Well listen up my environmentally kind friends as this is where it gets clever... You can either pop to your local stockist that has elmkind natural cleaners on tap to fill up with some more Vegan friendly goodness for less or...

Refill - Reuse - Repurpose

Once you have collected 4x 500ml empty elmkind concentrated aluminium refill bottles*, simply send them back to us and we'll give you a FREE 100ml concentrated refill of your choosing.

Any used bottles we receive we either sterilise and reuse if in good condition, or make sure they are recycled or repurposed locally with our business partners. 


Let's keep it in the loop & keep it local!

*Recycling plan now applies to ALL 500ml refill concentrate bottles. All products must be purchased through our online website and you must not have a refill station available within a 10 mile radius to be eligible. FREE returns label supplied with your next order - Fill in our contact form to arrange your FREE Refill*

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