the elmkind story


The idea for elmkind came about some years ago.. Emma & Alex were already running an Eco-friendly cleaning company in Devon 'CleanEco' at the time (and currently still are) the company needed to buy in a lot of plant based, earth friendly products on a regular basis to keep up with the work. They took a good look at everything they were buying in and were quite shocked to realise the amount of plastic that comes with buying 'Eco-friendly' products, even if you buy concentrated refills in bulk which they did, there was no avoiding it! Which was a baffling concept to them, surely if you're buying a product that is 'friendly to our environment' you'd expect the packaging to be as well, right?!

They thought there must be a way of still having the ecological products but without having to contribute to the stockpiles of plastic we have on this earth already... and if they couldn't find a current solution and a way around this, then they were determined to create one.

They sought out alternatives to plastic bottles and weighed out the pros and cons of each available material, as well as searching for the very best local organic, natural ingredients and both agreed that they would only use the most environmentally friendly resources that are currently available, paired with only natural ingredients to make their final products, so that ultimately they could make their cleaning company have as little impact on the earth as possible... and in steps 'elmkind', kind to the environment, kind to our homes & kind to our families using them.

They only initially planned for the products to be used for the cleaning company and for staff to use in their day to day cleaning of clients properties, but when people started to notice the products and smelt their divine natural scents in action, it wasn't long before they were in high demand!

So alas, they have decided to give the people what they want and have started to make their beautiful products available to the local public now as well! 

The current range of available products not only smell amazing but also work incredibly well and look extremely stylish in the home too. #Winning!

From all of us here at elmkind we really hope you love our products as much as we do! :) x