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Diving into the Deep: Unmasking the Toxic Secrets Lurking in Our Waters

Ahoy, fellow clean-freaks and eco-warriors! Let's talk about a little something that's been slipping through our cleaning-crazed fingers: the impact of regular cleaning products on our planet. Now, don't go tossing out your scrub brushes just yet! We're all about staying squeaky clean, but it's high time we ride the wave of change and give Mother Earth a hand in staying sparkling too.

Fish swimming in toxic waters

Meet the Trouble Makers: Sneaky Chemicals in Ordinary Cleaners

Hold onto your mop buckets, because we're diving into the world of "volatile organic compounds" (VOCs) – the villains of the cleaning product world! These baddies love hanging out in traditional cleaning potions, with phosphorus leading the pack. Phosphorus might sound fancy, but it's not so fancy for our water and planet. It got so naughty that the bigwigs had to slap some restrictions on its usage.

And who could forget bleach? When it hops into our water, it starts a dioxin dance party – and trust us, these dioxins aren't the groovy kind. They're nasty, cancer-causing agents that spell big trouble for our underwater buddies. And let's not even get started on triclosan and phthalates – they're like the party crashers that make the whole ecosystem go haywire! Unmasking the Culprits: Sneaky Ingredients

Time to unveil the villains behind the scenes! If a cleaning product brags about being antibacterial, peek at the ingredient list. Those germ fighters might be aquatic assassins too, taking out important elements in water ecosystems. Ever heard of 1,4-dioxane? It's like the bad boy in sodium Laureth sulfate, refusing to break down in water or soil. Methylisothiazolinone (MI) may sound fancy, but it's a freshwater and marine life's worst nightmare. And don't let nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) fool you – they're toxic to aquatic life, causing trouble in waters everywhere.

The Ripple Effect on our Splashy Friends

Picture this: you're scrubbing away, and all those chemicals are swirling down the drain, doing the cha-cha straight into our waterways. Even though water treatment plants try their best to filter out the bad stuff, these VOCs are like the ultimate party crashers – they just won't leave! Slowly but surely, they sneak into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, making life difficult for all those fishy and aquatic critters. Even if you're off mains wate and rock the well water life, some cleaning ingredients might be staging a party in your septic tank, leading to a chemical-loaded fiesta in nearby waterways.

Surf's Up with elmkind: Your Dream Team for a Sparkling Green Clean!

Now, before you start using seaweed and shells for scrubbing, here's the scoop: Here at elmkind we got your back with our line-up of natural cleaning wonders. These babies are like a breath of fresh sea breeze – gentle on surfaces, tough on dirt, and oh-so-kind to our planet. Ready to ride the eco-friendly wave? Here's how you can do it:

Clean world held in animated hands

  1. Go Green with Chemistry: Swap out those chemical-loaded products for elmkind's all-natural champs. These bad boys are biodegradable, meaning they won't stick around causing a ruckus. They're like the peacekeepers of the cleaning world!

  2. Fun in One: Imagine having a single sidekick for all your cleaning needs – that's our all-purpose cleaner! Not only are you saving space and time, but you're also giving those harsh chemicals a run for their money with our highly concentrated refills.

  3. Decode the Mystery Labels: Alright, we get it, reading labels isn't as exciting as a pirate's treasure map. But trust us, knowing what you're using and how to say "see ya later" to it properly makes you an eco-hero in disguise.

Dive into the Future of Clean

It's time to flip the script on those traditional cleaning concoctions that care more about sparkle than the planet. elmkind's here to help make a splash – an eco-friendly one, of course! So, ride the wave of change, embrace the green clean revolution, and get ready to high-five dolphins and dance with dolphins – all while keeping things squeaky clean. Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog. If you found this interesting share it with a friend and let's never stop learning ✌️

Alex x

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