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How to refill any elmkind cleaning product

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

You may have noticed that our refills aren't just solutions that are ready-mixed with water. Oh no, our highly concentrated refills are far superior to that, and I'm about to break it down as to why they are superior and how to use our refills effectively.

elmkind highly concentrated all purpose natural plant based cleaning product refill in stylish white aluminium bottle


Firstly, let's hit some of the benefits of our highly concentrated refills over products that are ready-mixed with water:

- Less CO2 is being emitted | Because 1 of our 500ml refill bottles makes 2.5litres of cleaning liquid when mixed at home with water, this means we are not shipping water around unnecessarily, and also means it lasts longer in your home so you need fewer deliveries than a standard like-for-like replacement refill, and therefore both helping to reduce the amount of CO2 being emitted.

- Saves on materials | We all know refilling is the better option with anything as we save on materials, but we've levelled up even further with our refills, because not only does refilling save that initial bottle, but because 1x 500ml refill will fill your empty ready to use bottle 5 times when mixed with water, you're actually saving another whopping 4 bottles from being needed too. Now that's pretty cool!

- Cost saving for the customer | Because we only need to use 1x 500ml aluminium bottle to house effectively 2.5litres of cleaning liquid, this massively reduces the cost of the product to produce and therefore the cost saving is reflected to the customer in the reduced price per refill, some even starting from as little as £2 a refill. Purchasing 2.5litres of product (in a 500ml refill form) in one purchase, saves you multiple postage costs as well - a double win for the wallet.

- Takes up less space in the home | This sort of goes without saying but is definitely worth noting as it can be extremely handy for many of us; As we manage to squeeze 2.5litres of cleaning product into a compact 500ml bottle, this takes up such little space in the home in comparison to a premixed product, keeping your cupboards tidy, less cluttered and with space left over for more goodies.


On-to the 'how-to'.

Here's a step by step guide on how to refill the following cleaning products; All surface sprays, floor cleaners, washing up liquids and toilet cleaner.

Hurrah! and the refill process is complete, until next time at least.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely rest of your day being that little bit more in the know :)

Emma x


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