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Introducing pumps to our eco-friendly washing up liquids

We have been listening to our customers and commercial businesses alike, and the feedback we have received is that a pump dispensing option for our eco-friendly washing up liquids would be beneficial for the ease of use of our products. If you know us or have been following us here for a while at elmkind, you will know sustainability is our highest priority. Which is why we have always done everything in our power to avoid the use of plastic. Originally, we only introduced our 100% stainless steel pourers as we felt these were the most sustainable option. However, as beautiful as they are, we know they are not for everyone. They do take a little bit of time to get used to, and a few new techniques are required to know how to use them efficiently and effectively.

So, introducing our new Pure White 4ml(approx.) Dosing Pumps

elmkind sweet orange washing up liquid with pump
elmkind sweet orange washing up liquid with pump

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to plastic currently for the construction of these pumps that are compatible with our aluminium bottles (much like our spray heads). However, we have made sure we have chosen the most sustainable option, and here are just a few of the key points in our selection.

- Quality pumps We have made sure our pumps are built to last and are not a single use plastic. With a solid construction and reliable testing results. Our pumps will serve you well and continue to help you in your washing up tasks without letting you down. - All white plastic By choosing all white plastic instead of another colour, we are making sure our pumps are at the beginning of the recycling colour chain. This means they can be easily recycled into any other colour plastic and not restricted to certain colour ranges. Providing better compatibility and flexibility in the recycling process. Most importantly, avoiding the use of black plastic which cannot been recycled as it is not seen by the technology most recycling facilities currently use (IR, infrared radiation). So, these either get missed completely and end up in landfill, or worse incinerated. - Lockable top Our pumps are fitted with a lock up function on them. Which means a simple 90-degree twist will lock the pump head in the upright position (then the opposite to open them). Meaning no liquid can be dispensed. This means we do not create unnecessary waste by supplying caps or alternative covers for shipping as the pump acts as a secure closure in its own right. What are the benefits of a pump over a pourer? - Cheaper

Ah, we know. As frustrating as it is. Due to the materials used and the machines and processes required. Plastic is still a far more inexpensive product to produce (come on future technology, help us out here). Therefore, it means finished products can then be cheaper. We would prefer a stainless-steel pourer option over a plastic pump because; a) the better raw materials and cost to our planet. b) They have no mechanical parts. Therefore, they will last forever! However, we do appreciate individuals' budgets and functionality preferences, so we would much rather offer the option of a quality plastic alternative so our products can be used an enjoyed. Over that of an individual feeling like they can't use our products due to functionality concerns and then not wanting to use our products even though they fully support our mission. - Ease of use

The pump allows you to easily dispense your washing up liquid with no mess. It looks beautiful and continues to work with the aesthetics of our bottles. Only complimenting the designs and improving its functionality.

- Dosage control

With our pourers you can control the flow rate of the liquid dispensed (slow it down) by using your index finger over the breather tube. However, a drawback is you are very much unaware of the amount of product you are using. Whereas, with our 4ml(approx.) dosage pumps you know the amount of product you are using per pump. Meaning you can keep an eye on how much product you are using.

To summarise

Our stainless-steel pourers are still our firm favourite here at elmkind for their sustainability credentials but we have introduced our new pumps for our 500ml bottles as an alternative dispensing solution. Our pumps are available to be purchased as a bundle with all 500ml ready to use washing up liquids ,or can be purchased separately. Our pumps will fit all 500ml elmkind aluminium bottles which means they can also be used for.... - Measuring out concentrate from your refill bottle for a mess free refill - Used with a floor cleaner for accurate measuring of product We are delighted to work with our customers, community, and business to continue to develop and improve our products and services and are always welcoming new feedback. So, if you have anything you would like to see from us. Something you find hard to use, or just a general cleaning question that has been niggling your brain. Reach out and let us know and let's see what we can do.

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog post. If you have anything you want us to talk about. Drop us an email at Alex.


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