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I wanted to share with you the hard working, small team behind our elmkind brand and give a bit of insight into our life. We are a small family run business, consisting of myself (Emma), my partner Alex (elmkind founders) and our two mischievous dogs Pepsi (in the photo below, bottom right) and Marley (the black and white fluffy snooch below).

I (Emma) am the maker of our elmkind products, and although we both (myself and Alex, not the dogs!) make the products by hand together now, I was initially the mad one who decided I wanted to create a more natural, transparent cleaning product range to what was available on the market at the time 2 years ago. With a real passion for the environment and all the living animals and creatures on it, being able to turn our idea into a reality that is a real force for good and watching it grow, has been a real humbling yet exciting experience.

In my spare time I love being in the great outdoors, whether that is out walking with the dogs, exploring new areas of Devon that we haven't been to before or hanging off a rope half way up a cliff, I find embracing all aspects of nature to be a real relaxing and grounding experience, and much needed when most of the time you have to have your head in the business world to survive. Aside from that I enjoy writing occasionally, drawing when time allows and I have a real passion for cooking all things plant based.

Whenever we chat about our business/home life to friends and family, most think we are crazy for being able to work, live, and do pretty much everything together. It may sound like an absolute nightmare for some, and we get that, but for us it works extremely well, as our passions, talents, and personalities compliment one another in and out of business. (The photo on the right is of a recent trip to the Lake district in our campervan).

We print our bottle designs onto our aluminium bottles in house by hand to avoid waste and Alex is charge of this department, as precision and accuracy is his forte. Alex is a hands-on grafter, and while I sometimes come up with wacky ideas on how we could reuse and repurpose materials or redecorate our home (with said repurposed materials), Alex is the muscle and brains that turns these moments of madness into a reality (as you can see in the photo on the left - these are some shelves Alex built from pallet wood, that our aluminium bottles get delivered on).

In Alex's spare time when he's not working, or building furniture out of our waste materials, he enjoys playing his guitar and writing his own songs.

Alongside this and amongst many other hobbies, Alex is a big fan of outdoor rock climbing, most thrill-seeking outdoor pursuits and riding his mountain bike through woods and trails at high speeds, much to my despair!

Then we're left with our two beloved pooches, saving the best until last of course! Pepsi (Bottle Printing Supervisor and Chief Ball Finder) is a cross between a Black Labrador and a Border Collie, she is a cheeky minx with plenty of character, and although she is now 12 years old, the collie in her likes to trick her into thinking she is still a pup, which can prove to be slightly problematic when she has the old joints and body of a 12 year old dog.

Marley (Packaging Supervisor and Professional Swimmer) is a 7 year old Border Collie and an absolute bundle of energy and joy. We have had him just over a year and couldn't imagine our lives without him. He's a gentle, loving soul who is extremely affectionate at home, but when he is out chasing his ball or is shredding the mountain bike trails with Alex, that's when he really lights up and lets off some steam.

We're going to be sharing blogs more frequently on all things elmkind, from behind the scenes, sneak peaks, to organic food recipes and 'how to' cleaning demos. Please get in touch if there are any specific topics you'd like us to cover.

Thank you for reading we hope you have enjoyed our latest blog post.

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Stay Kind ✌️

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