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Save £5.96 with this juicy Bundle âœ¨


More Than Meets The Eye 👀
✨ I'm a premium aluminium bottle, designed to last and be on show
✨ When you choose to refill with me, I can save you money
✨ I have a smaller carbon footprint as my refills are highly concentrated so contain 80% less water
✨ When you buy me, 5% of profits go to Charity (find out more)
✨ You can save even more money when you choose to refill me from a local stockist near you (find a stockist)

Each elmkind cleaner in this bundle is designed specifically to tackle the dirt, oil and grime you find in the different areas of your home. With each cleaner scented with a different essential oil it will keep each room feeling clean and smelling fresh....and for a juicy price whats not to like! 

What's Included

  •  1x elmkind Lavender & Tee Tree All Purpose Cleaner - 500ml
     elmkind's Lavender & Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner is a natural cleaner which is gentle   enough to be used on any surfaces but tough enough to tackle the dirt! 
  •  1x elmkind Sweet Orange Kitchen Cleaner - 500ml
     elmkind's Sweet Orange Kitchen Cleaner is made with natural organic ingredients and   uses only organic essentials oils for its scents, and all ingredients are clearly labelled so   you'll never find any hidden nasties!
  •  1x elmkind Eucalyptus Glass Cleaner - 500ml 
     elmkind's Eucalyptus Glass Cleaner is a natural mild cleaner that keeps your Glass,   Mirrors  & Chrome looking shiny and new, whilst releasing a subtle fresh minty scent   from the organic essential oils.
  •  1x elmkind Grapefruit & Palmarosa Bathroom Cleaner - 500ml 
     elmkind's Grapefruit & Palmarosa Bathroom Cleaner is suitable for use all over the   bathroom, it will make light work of the dirt and grime in your bath tubs and will leave   them shinny and smelling like a garden of zesty fruits.


4x Spray Bundle