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Our New 100% Recycled bottle option for our popular Natural Toilet Cleaner.

Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste (rHDPE) with directional pourer cap included. We released this bottle for use with our commercial clients as an easier and more convienient way to use our Toilet Cleaner. It was so popular we were asked to release it for general sale.

This option is for those that find our 100% Stainless Steel Pourers a bit hard to use with our aluminium Toilet Cleaner bottle. This PCR Bottle now gives you that conventional feel of classic squeeze and use bottle but offering a more sustainable option. The same powerful elmkind natural & health Toilet Cleaner you love but in a new bottle.

This punchy botanical cleaner is hand blended in house with powerfully-purifying Peppermint organic essential oils to add some extreme freshnes to your loos.


Tough on dirt and sensual on the mind, body and soul.

Subscriptions Information
Subscriptions available at any desired delivery frequency. Simply checkout any subscription product and we will email you to confirm frequency and set up direct debits for all subscriptions.Multiple subscriptions available, fully customisable to suit your needs. Amend, cancel or request SEND NOW at any time. All confirmed via email.

Highly Concentrated Refills Available

1:4 Mixing Ratio
*100ml of concentrate diluted with 400ml of water = 1x 500ml ready to use product

- 1x Refill *100ml (This will make up a 500ml ready to use product once diluted with water)
- 5x Refill *500ml (This will make up a 2.5 Litres of ready to use product once diluted with water)
- 50x Refill *5 Litre (This will make up a 25 Litres of ready to use product once diluted with water) Pump attachments also available in Extras

For more information on how our refills work, check out our FAQ page


Toilet Cleaner - 100% Recycled Bottle