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More Than Meets The Eye 👀
✨ I'm a premium aluminium bottle, designed to last and be on show
✨ I’m small but mighty. Only 100ml of me will give you a 500ml ready to use cleaner when diluted. Who says bigger is better?
✨ When you choose to refill with me, I can save you money
✨ I carry a smaller carbon footprint because I’m concentrated so contain 80% less water
✨ When you buy me, 5% of profits go to Charity (find out more)
✨ You can save even more money when you choose to refill me from a local stockist near you (find a stockist)

Floor Cleaner Refill Concentrate 500ml 


1x Refill Bottle will make up 5x 500ml elmkind Lavender & Rosemary Floor Cleaning bottles.

That is the power of 2.5 litres of ready to use product when diluted with water in a small 500ml bottle that fits neatly on your shelf or under your sink.

That equates to £4 a refill !


elmkind's Lavender & Roemary Floor Cleaner - Refill Concentrate is made with natural organic ingredients and uses only organic essentials oils for its scent. All ingredients are clearly labelled so you'll never find any hidden nasties!


Our ready to use Lavender & Rosemary Floor Cleaner is so concentrated you only need to add a cap or two to half a bucket of hot water for an enchanting cleaning experience.


"Lavender and rosemary is a herbal dream, leaving your floors squeaky clean."

Simply measure out and pour 100ml of this concentrate into your empty aluminium Floor Cleaner Bottle and fill the rest with 400ml of water (preferably purified water for best results) and screw the cap back on... obvs :). Then get your shake on for 5 seconds and you're ready to spread the herbal happiness all over again!

Subscriptions Information
Subscriptions available at any desired delivery frequency. Simply checkout any subscription product and we will email you to confirm frequency and set up direct debits for all subscriptions.Multiple subscriptions available, fully customisable to suit your needs. Amend, cancel or request SEND NOW at any time. All confirmed via email.

Lavender & Rosemary Floor Cleaner - 5x Refill