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1x 5 litre Refill Container will make up 50x 500ml elmkind Lavender & Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaners.


That is the power of 25 litres of ready to use product when diluted with water in a small 5 Litre container that fits neatly on a shelf or in a cupboard.

This equates to £2 a refill !


elmkind's Lavender & Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner - Refill Concentrate is made with natural organic ingredients and uses only organic essentials oils for its scent, and all ingredients are clearly labelled so you'll never find any hidden nasties!

Simply measure out 100ml of this concentrate into your aluminium All Purpose Cleaner Bottle and fill the rest with 400ml of water (preferably purified water for best results). Then get your shake on for 5 seconds and your ready to go!

Our highly concentrated containers are supplied with either a cap, 30ml dose pump or tap closure for ease of measuring out into your desired empty bottle.

Lavender & Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner - Refill Concentrate - 5 Litre


All of our Cleaners are fully Biodegradable and our 5 Litre containers are made up of 100% recycled plastic that has been sourced from our UK beaches and coastline. Our sticky labels are 100% Biodegradable and the adhesive we use is made sugar starch. Now that’s neat!

Our 5 Litre containers are 100% Recyclable - But why not repurpose or upcycle your container after use. You can even send your empty container back to us and help us create a closed loop of refilling and reusing!