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Citronella Washing Up Liquid - Ready To Use 50ml


elmkind's Citronella Washing Up Liquid just got cute 🤗

Smaller than our main cleaning bottles but just as strong! Our little edition bottles are perfect for so many things.


🎁A little natural gift for those special loved ones
🧳A compact size travel companion to help keep your surfaces clean
🤩 A small sample to see if you fall in love with it.....we know you will 😜

elmkind Citronella Washing Up Liquid tackles the greasiest of dishes leaving them sparkling clean, whilst also being kind to your hands and sensual to the nose.

Our ready to use Citronella Washing Up Liquid is so concentrated you only need to add a small splash to your washing up bowl to release the plant power and let the bubbles do their work.

"Freshen up your dishes and even the room, the citronella scent packs an almighty boom."

Little Edition - Citronella Washing Up Liquid


All of our cleaners are fully biodegradable and our Glass bottles & caps are 100% recyclable - but why not fill them up again with our refill bottles and do your bit for the environment as well as save some cash?!