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Glass Cleaner - Ready To Use Spray 50ml


elmkind's Eucalyptus Glass Cleaner just got cute 🤗

Smaller than our main cleaning bottles but just as strong! Our little edition bottles are perfect for so many things.


🎁A little natural gift for those special loved ones
🧳A compact size travel companion to help keep your surfaces clean
🤩 A small sample to see if you fall in love with it.....we know you will 😜


elmkind's Eucalyptus Glass Cleaner is a natural mild cleaner that keeps your Glass, Mirrors & Chrome looking shinny and new, whilst releasing a subtle fresh minty scent from the organic essential oils.

Want that super fresh feeling? Simply spray me onto any glass or mirror and wipe clean for a streak free finish. Psst... I also work fabulously well on chrome and glossy surfaces for that extra shine... "I can see clearly now the smears have gone" 

Little Edition - Eucalyptus Glass Cleaner


All of our cleaners are fully biodegradable and our glass bottles & plastic spray heads are 100% recyclable - but why not fill them up again with our refill bottles and do your bit for the environment as well as save some cash.

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