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Say hello to our No.1 Kitchen tool 💪


This is our plastic free cellulose sponge cloth and is basically our go to for anything you need to clean in a kitchen quick and easy. These natural sponge cloths are made from wood pulp and cotton, unlike most common sponges which are made from plastic fibres which shed micro plastics into our watercourses and don't biodegrade.

This sponge is 100% biodegradable at the end of life but lasts and lasts, tackling anything you can throw at it. These sponge cloths are super absorbent (they hold up to 10x their dried weight) and are a fast drying hygienic sponge that doesn't absorb odor. The perfect addition to any household. 

Perfect for use with our elmkind washing up liquids to tackle those greasy pots and pans or, use it as a more costeffective and sustainable alternative to the classic paper towel. With its super absorbent properties and textured sides it makes light work of clearing up any spills, dried on spaghetti spatters or tomato tumbles!  

Available in single units or multi pack deals.

Plastic Free Sponge Cloth


Dry Cellulose Sponge Cloth 

Product size approx: 
200mm x 180mmx 4mm

- Reusable
- Textured sides
- Super absorbent 
- Can be cut to any size

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